San Pedro Belize Golf Cart Rental 5 Tips

How to Rent A Golf Cart Ambergris Caye

Are you looking to rent a golf cart in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize? The good news is it's quite easy to rent a golf cart from a reputable golf cart rental company. The bad news is getting it wrong can be a major inconvenience, or at worst unsafe.

The cheapest golf cart rental may not be the best golf cart rental, golf cart rental companies in San Pedro may skimp on safety inspections, gas, or both; increasing your chance of being stranded.

We've chatted to Aaron Wasson, client services officer at 17 North Global Real Estate to put together our list of 4 safety questions you should ask before your San Pedro golf cart rental.


ambergris caye golf cart rental safety check list

5-Must Ask Safety Questions Before You Rent a Golf Cart in Ambergris Caye


How to Rent a Golf Cart in San Pedro Belize

We recommend asking these 4 questions before you rent a golf cart in San Pedro, Belize.

Are the golf carts inspected before you rent them?

Make sure that the company inspects the golf carts before you rent them. Guest Relation Manager Arron Wasson says, "We provide hundreds of golf carts a year, so we know the importance of having  a well-serviced cart. Our carts are thoroughly inspected upon return and before they go out, this makes sure that we don't have any stranded guests."

Reputable golf cart rentals services in San Pedro will follow a 10 point safety inspection. You can request a copy of this before you rent your golf cart.

Gas Station in Belize

Does the golf cart come with a full tank of gas?

There are few gas stations on Ambergris Caye and San Pedro. In fact, there are only 4 gas stations on the island and all of them are near San Pedro Town on the south side of the island. It's not uncommon to see stranded tourists on the north side of Ambergris Caye trying to find gas a station.

"We've had tourists come to resorts we work with begging us for gas because they can't find a gas station or get in touch with their golf cart rental company," says Aaron.
Does the golf cart rental company have a service team?

It's not just running out of gas that can strand a traveler. Rental golf carts take a beating. During the busy season, they are used daily for months on end. Not all the roads on Ambergris Caye or in San Pedro are well maintained. This results in a lot of mechanical problems. "We have an amazing service team. If anything happens, like running out of gas," says Aaron, "call one of our guys and we will come to assist."

The best companies offer 24-hour mechanics and service included in the price.

Belize Highway, Speed Bump Sign

Does the golf cart rental company have insurance?

Insurance costs money and for fly-by-night rental companies this can be one of the first things they skip.
Is there Free Delivery and Pick Up?

Reputable golf cart companies will often deliver the cart to your resort or pick you up at the airport.

How to Rent a Golf Cart in San Pedro Belize

You can contact Aaron Wasson to help find the best golf cart rentals in San Pedro, Belize. He works with several companies to guarantee the best carts and service. All the carts are inspected when they are dropped off and returned, they all come with a full tank of gas, and are insured.